Así quiere Sony que sean sus cámaras en 2015

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Ayer fue un día importante para Sony. La compañía japonesa celebró en Tokio una jornada cuyo objetivo fue compartir criminal sus inversores su estrategia para los próximos años en materia de electrónica de consumo y profesional. Este evento podría haber pasado impiety pena ni gloria para los usuarios, pero no ha sido así porque, al margen de las aburridas cifras estrictamente financieras, los directivos de la compañía dieron a conocer cómo serán las cámaras de fotos que colocarán en el mercado en 2015.

La diapositiva que tenéis debajo de estas líneas muestra de una forma muy clara los que para Sony son los tres pilares básicos de sus cámaras: el sensor de imagen, el procesador y los objetivos. Esto es algo perfectamente conocido por cualquiera que esté medianamente familiarizado criminal los productos de la marca, pero lo realmente interesante es conocer las claves que rodean a estos pilares esenciales, y que aparecen en rojo en la diapositiva.

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Sony A7000 (ILC-7000) Camera Photo Leaked [Updated]

a7000 640x471So we have listened that Sony could be announcing a A3000 (ILC-3000) entry-level E-mount camera, though apparently it seems that Sony has some-more cameras designed for their new ILC category and interjection to a print performed by a folks during Sony Alpha Rumors, we now have a initial demeanour during a arriving Sony A7000, or ILC-7000 that it could be famous by in other markets. This is a initial we’ve listened of a A7000 and according to a rumored specifications, this will be a almost pro E-mount camera that will implement a Z-shift sensor.

For those unknown with a Z-shift sensor, this is a sensor that can pierce adult to 18mm within a camera itself to concede for improved focusing even when interconnected with third-party lenses from Canon or Nikon. Unfortunately detached from a leaked picture and a Z-shift sensor, not most else is famous about a A7000 during this indicate in time, though hopefully Sony will have something to share in a nearby future. So for those who consider that a A7000 could be a camera of good seductiveness to them, be certain to check behind with us during a after date to see if there are any other additional sum that can be had.

UpdateSony Alpha Rumors has reliable that a picture is a fake, it looks like there is no A7000.

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Smartphone expansion accelerates in India

Tejas Kounder was sitting outward his tiny, rickety residence in Mumbai personification Candy Crush on his phone.

His home gets regulating H2O for usually 20 mins a day, does not have a toilet, and is usually 3 metres by 2.5 metres in size. But a 15-year-old and his dual brothers have smartphones. Tejas’s phone, done by a Indian manufacturer Xolo, costs 6,800 rupees (Dh406), nonetheless he bought it from a crony used a few months ago for 2,000 rupees. His father, a fisherman, earns 30,000 rupees a month.

“He paid for a phone,” Tejas said, as a hen was pecking around his feet in hunt of food. “I’m unequivocally gratified with it. It’s good that we can discuss with my friends on WhatsApp.”

India’s smartphone marketplace is one of a fastest-growing in a world.

Smartphone sales in a nation increasing by 84 per cent in a second entertain of this year, compared to a same duration final year and rose by 11 per cent over a prior quarter, according to total from IDC, a marketplace comprehension firm. A vital motorist of this boost has been a arise of Indian mobile manufacturers, that are in a foe to offer cheaper smartphones. Jivi Mobiles, formed in New Delhi, for example, final month launched a phone that a association describes as a country’s cheapest Android smartphone during 1,999 rupees. Karbonn, one of a biggest smartphone manufacturers, offers an Android phone for 2,699 rupees.

The intensity for serve expansion in a smartphone zone stays high, with 71 per cent of a marketplace still regulating underline phones, and a marketplace is expected to double between now and 2018, according to IDC.

Narendra Gada, who runs a Orbit mobile phone store in Colaba in South Mumbai that non-stop 13 years ago, has been a customer of a trend.

“Now all a categories of people in Mumbai are carrying smartphones – reduce to a upper,” he says, explaining that his emporium gifted a expansion of 40 per cent in smartphones sales so distant this year compared to final year.

One reason for this arise in sales is that Indians simply wish to have entrance to a facilities that smartphones offer. But what creates that probable for many is a fact that there are many some-more affordable options available, he adds.

Last year, a cheapest smartphones he sole were about 7,000 rupees.

“We have smartphones for 3,000 rupees now,” he says. “They’ve unequivocally come down in price.”

The shops sells a operation of ubiquitous brands, including Samsung and Motorola, as good as branded phones done in a country. But it is a Micromax Unite, a 7,000 rupee Indian phone, that is a shop’s biggest seller, Mr Gada says.

Data expelled in Aug by IDC for a second entertain of a year showed that Samsung was a marketplace personality with a 29 per cent share of a smartphone market, while Micromax was in a second place with 18 per cent. It was followed by dual other Indian companies that furnish bill smartphones – Karbonn, that had an 8 per cent share, and Lava, with 6 per cent.

“While Samsung has hold on to a care position in a market, it is notable that Micromax is flourishing faster,” according to Jaideep Mehta, IDC’s vice-president and ubiquitous manager for South Asia. “Samsung needs to continue to residence a low finish of a marketplace aggressively, and also needs a blockbuster product during a high-end to recover momentum. Given a stream expansion rates, there is a genuine probability of observant businessman positions change in a remaining buliding this year.”

Ankur Bisen, comparison vice-president for sell during Technopak, a consultancy, explains that a nation has a immeasurable mobile phone user bottom during about 800 million.

“As a result, a whole smartphone expenditure that is function is a mass emigration from underline phones to smartphones of this user base,” he says. “That is giving smartphone expansion not usually a healthy expansion rate, though also vast volumes.”

He points out that there is also a transparent trend of “polarisation” in a smartphone market.

“It’s polarised in a clarity that we have high expansion in unequivocally costly categories led by iPhone and certain other models, and on a other side of a spectrum, are mass smartphones between a $50 to $100 cost points. The inbetween marketplace is arrange of struggling for growth. I’m not observant that it’s not selling, though somehow expansion has not been as one would have anticipated.”

This was reflected in a swell in direct for Apple’s iPhone 6 expelled in a nation a integrate of weeks ago. A series of stores sole out of their batch on pre-registered orders before a phones had even arrived in a country. The sleek, high-end phones, are labelled during between 53,500 rupees for a 16GB iPhone 6 and 85,000 rupees for a 128GB iPhone 6 Plus.

Another code that has been drifting off a shelves is Xiaomi, described as China’s answer to Apple. Its models on sale in India are labelled during 5,999 and 13,999 rupees. The direct has been so huge, with a association presaging that it would sell about 100,000 units a week in a nation final month, that it is deliberation production handsets in India.

“For a Diwali month we’re suffering planes from Hong Kong to India to move in [Xiaomi’s] Mi 3 and Redmi phones since it’s too most product,” Hugo Barra, a company’s ubiquitous vice-president, pronounced forward of a gratifying deteriorate in India, according to a Reuters report.

Xiaomi’s entrance into India has not been wholly easy, however. With ongoing limit disputes between China and India, a participation of China’s largest smartphone association became a inhabitant confidence concern. Reports in a internal media pronounced that India’s atmosphere force warned a employees opposite regulating Xiaomi phones since of a confidence risks. The association denied that it collected information but accede and has pronounced it skeleton to set adult a information centre in India to reduce concerns about privacy.

Competition among manufacturers is apropos ever fiercer, as internal and ubiquitous companies contest for a bigger share of a market. “There are many informal players who have assigned that [low-cost] space as head-on foe to determined players such as a Samsung or a Sony,” says Mr Bisen. “So determined players are anticipating it formidable to contest during these cost points. You have a brew of Indian and Chinese brands perplexing to occupy this space. Established players are struggling to broach a feature-packed product during a $100 cost point.”

Google in Sep launched a Android One plan in India. It has teamed adult with Micromax, Karbonn and Spice to build high-quality affordable Android phones optimised to run a complement during a cost of about 6,399 rupees. Google wants to safeguard that it capitalises on a low-cost smartphone bang in a country, aiming to boost internet usage.

For many Indians, their usually entrance to a web is around their smartphones, as they competence be incompetent to means to have a mechanism during home.

Tejas, who did not have entrance to a web during home before removing a smartphone, explains that detached from being a fun device for personification games and chatting with his friends, it also helps him entrance information for his studies. “I can’t unequivocally suppose not carrying a smartphone now,” he says.

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Sony targets Nikon and Canon users with rumored ‘shift sensor’ camera

One advantage of mirrorless cameras for enthusiasts is a palliate during that other system’s lenses can be adapted, though this tends to pierce a detriment of autofocus — if a lens had autofocus in a initial place. But according to a latest leak from Sony Alpha Rumors (see update), an innovative resolution might be on a way. The purported Sony A7000 is pronounced to underline a “Z-shift sensor” that can pierce adult to 18mm in sequence to pierce images in focus, no matter what lens is attached. Kyocera implemented a identical judgment with a Contax AX SLR, that changed a film craft to capacitate focusing with primer lenses.

Autofocus and picture stabilization, no matter a lens

The A7000, like a A3000 announced final week, appears to be a DSLR-style E-mount camera essentially designed for a same lenses as Sony’s NEX models. It could form partial of a plan to tempt photographers confirmed in other systems; if a camera offers effective picture stablization and autofocus opening no matter a lens, switching users might not feel a need to sell their collections of Canon or Nikon optics. Of course, adapters would still be required to physically mountain third-party lenses on a camera body.

Whether this is adequate to make DSLR shooters switch brands and go mirrorless is anyone’s guess, though if a A7000 turns out to be real, it’s a latest in an increasingly prolonged list of new engineering innovations from Sony’s camera division. The association has constructed countless head-turning designs over a past few years, including a translucent counterpart SLT range, a tiny full-frame RX1, and a excellent RX100 compact, and is approaching to betray a wireless smartphone “lens cameras” this week.

Update: The above picture is reportedly a fake, but Sony Alpha Rumors, that has a plain record with leaks, is station by a information on a arriving camera.

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Безогледалният фотоапарат Sony A7000 с възможност за запис на 4К …

Panono: цифров фотоапарат с форма на сфера и възможност за заснемане на 108 MP фотографии

Компанията Panono официално съобщи цената и датата на началото на продажбите на своя едноименен фотоапарат с формата на сфера, който може да прави сферични фотографии с резолюция 108 мегапиксела. Цената на Panono е 549 американски долара (за Европа – €549), а масовите продажби ще започнат през пролетта на 2015 година. Средствата за производството на апарата се събират чрез сайта за потребителско инвестиране Indiegogo и в момента са събрани $1,25 милиона при заявени 0,9 милиона щатски долара.Устройство е с размер на неголяма топка и разполага с 36 оптични модула, които едновременно фиксират изображението и изграждат цялостна сферична панорама. Управляването на устройството става чрез безжична връзка, възможно е включване чрез вградения USB порт. Постоянната памет в апарата побира да 400 фотографии.Панорамни фотографии могат да се заснемат с помощта на Panono чрез подхвърляне във въздуха, чрез статив или специална поставка, изображението на които се изтриват при обединяването а фотографиите в обща сферична панорама.С помощта на допълнително събраните финансови средства са извършени нови промени – добавени са точки за закачане на Panono, светодиоден индикатор, който предупреждава за неподходящи условия за заснемане, подобрени са алгоритмите за обединяване на фотографиите в обща сферична панорама.

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Беззеркалка Sony A7000 с поддержкой 4K дебютирует на CES 2015

27.10.2014, 17:54

Новостная служба Ferra,

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Sony mostra uno stupefacente guard 4K OLED criminal tecnologia HDR

I monitor OLED di Sony non sono una novità: la linea Trimestre EL, indirizzata ai professionisti, è rinomata da dash per l’altissima qualità offerta. Non stupisce, dunque, che l’ultima creazione di Sony, il BVM-X300, abbia suscitato non poco scalpore, tra i fortunati presenti alla conferenza di SMPTE a Hollywood. Questo modello è provvisto di un pannello OLED a risoluzione 4K, criminal una diagonale di 30″. L’ambito di utilizzo è strettamente professionale, come del resto rende palese anche l’aspetto esteriore, completamente votato alla robustezza e alla sostanza.

La caratteristica più rilevante riguarda il supporto alla tecnologia High Dynamic Range, il cui scopo è consentire l’espansione della gamma dinamica, agendo sulle alte luci. E’ infatti noto che anche le stage più luminose, ricreate su un tradizionale guard o TV, non sono assolutamente in grado di riprodurre la luminosità del mondo reale. Ne consegue una dinamica, e quindi un rapporto di contrasto, ben più bassi.

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360fly, l’action cam capace di riprendere video a 360° (video)

EyeSee360 si appresta a lanciare l’action cam 360fly: la FCC, l’ente americano preposto alla certificazione di tutti i prodotti che fanno uso delle spettro radio, ha dato il around libera per la commercializzazione, rivelando alcuni particolari del dispositivo. L’action cam utilizza una singola lente f/2.5, capace di coprire un’angolo di visione di 360° in orizzontale e 240° in verticale, criminal obiettivo fisheye, apparentemente caratterizzato dal più ampio campo visivo, tra i prodotti presenti sul mercato.

Il ricorso ad una sola lente permette di scegliere l’angolazione preferita, senza dover “cucire” insieme più punti di vista, onde ottenere il risultato finale. Le operazioni di editing, come anche la funzione di mirino, vengono espletata da un’apposita applicazione per dispositivi iOS 8 o Android 4.3 e superiori.

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Sony A7000: Präsentation im Januar 2015?

Die Sony A7000 könnte bereits im Januar 2015 beim großen Sony Event vorgestellt werden. Auch gibt es weitere Gerüchte in Bezug auf die technischen Daten.

Erscheinungsdatum für die Sony A7000

Vor wenigen Tagen sind erste Gerüchte zu einer neuen spiegellosen Systemkamera von Sony aufgetaucht, der A7000. Zum damaligen Zeitpunkt waren wir noch davon ausgegangen, dass die A7000 irgendwann im Laufe des nächsten Jahres auf basement Markt kommen soll, nun scheint es sogar im Bereich des Möglichen zu sein, dass Sony die neue DSLM bereits im Januar vorstellen wird. Das würde zumindest insofern passen, als dass da ja sowieso ein großes Sony Event über die Bühne gehen soll.

Mögliche technische Daten

Eine anonyme Quelle shawl gegenüber Sonyalpharumors zudem angegeben, dass die A7000 mit 256 Phasen- und 125 Kontrast-AF-Punkten ausgestattet sein soll, des Weiteren soll sie basement Sucher der NEX-6, einen Touchscreen und eine verbesserte ISO-Empfindlichkeit erhalten. Zudem hatte male ja bereits gemunkelt, dass 4K mit an Bord sein wird. Der Preis soll angeblich bei nur 699 Dollar liegen, womit die A7000 kaum teurer wäre als die A6000. Das wäre natürlich eine erneute Kampfansage von Sony, wobei male natürlich erst abwarten muss, ob sich diese Informationen dann letztendlich überhaupt bewahrheiten.

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La A7000 de Sony podría ver la luz en el CES criminal unas especificaciones «de …


IFA y Photokina 2014 ya son «agua pasada», pero la cuenta atrás para la próxima edición del CES, que se celebrará en Las Vegas a principios del próximo mes de enero, ya ha comenzado. Y las filtraciones que pretenden adelantarnos qué productos verán la luz durante la feria californiana también han empezado.

Estos últimos días algunos medios han recogido varias filtraciones que aseguran que Sony presentará la sucesora de la muy interesante NEX-7, que posiblemente se llamará A7000 (no hace falta echarle mucha imaginación), durante la feria estadounidense. Pero los rumores no acaban ahí. Además, también están circulando las posibles especificaciones de esta cámara, y, si realmente se ajustan a la realidad, la A7000 será un auténtico bombazo. Así es como parece que podría ser esta cámara impiety espejo.

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